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Senior Database Administrator

Position Sumary

The successful candidate will have a firm grasp of managing MySQL database servers in a 24x7 data center environment.  You will need to be able to identify and solve problems such as poorly performing queries, indexing needs, good schema design, and general application performance issues as it pertains to the database.  Also, the maintenance of MySQL replication for the purposes of disaster recovery, load distribution, and migration of data in real time to different servers is required.  We currently maintain separate infrastructures in Chicago and London Rackspace data centers .  We run our production MySQL 5.6 databases on our own leased hardware on top of CentOS to get optimal performance.   We also utilize cloud servers when it makes sense.

We have the desire to begin using other NoSQL platforms for data that is better suited to that architecture.  Experience in using Redis, MongoDB, or other NoSQL platforms is desirable.

We are looking for a Hands-On individual who is technically solid and also has a vision for how to generally manage large amounts of data.  Self direction and creative thinking is required.

Project Manager

Position Sumary

Manage a team of developers and coordinate their activities based on requests from an international client base.

Product Manager

Position Summary

The Product Manager is expected to take ownership of the planning, specifying, testing and delivery of feature requests to and from our client base. The role involves gathering information from our clients in order to fully understand their requirements; documenting those requirements clearly; and presenting the development team with a clear scope for the code changes required. The role requires the ability to understand the overall business processes involved, and all areas of the product any enhancement requests interacts with so as to ensure that the end deliverables are compliant with the overall architecture and development road map of the FUSE5 product. The Product Manager shall be responsible for fully testing those enhancements and getting customer sign-off once that project is ready for deployment.


Customer Support Specialist

Position Summary

The Customer Support Specialist provides front-line, first-response support via telephone and live chat to all customers using Fuse5 services. This role works closely with the Quality Assurance and Development teams to ensure all requests for assistance are handled effectively, timely, and in a way that creates wonderful and memorable service experiences.

Fuse5 is a software company with a focus on the automotive aftermarket.